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  1. icabit added a post in a topic: Judas Paid Addons Services   

    thx judas my client works great! :D
  2. icabit added a post in a topic: Judas Paid Addons Services   

    judas is my client done?
    the last time you gave me didn't worked
    i pmed you in skype and message you here about it

Status Feed

  1. icabit

    work hard, play hard and sleep harder

    1. Kryptix

      no eating

    2. Diconfrost VaNz

      Fuck Harder HAHAHAHAHA

  2. icabit

    getting back on track with luna is hard jeeeeeeez neeeeeed help xD

    1. Kryptix

      off track again until it's stable. lololol

    2. icabit

      ill see what i can do for now for the development of my server xD

    3. pr3p

      hahahaha yah me too xd my ro still on maintenance ahhaha for almost 6months now xd

    4. icabit

      haha i've been developing my svn for almost a year getting 1 year on december. LOLOLOL. getting too many ideas from other mmo games that i wanted to apply/script on my server. more ideas more stress more headaches hahaha

  3. icabit

    finish my server or not? >.

    1. Kryptix

      Do it

    2. icabit

      but some scripts arent working anymore :(

    3. Kryptix


    4. icabit

      dude i dont know what client to use >.> my old one seems not to be working anymore with it. the client was provided by judas

  4. icabit

    is trying to get back on track :3

    1. Kryptix

      When will you be? 2014?

    2. icabit

      no lol hahaha

  5. icabit

    finals is coming >.>

  6. icabit

    can't touch this :3

  7. icabit

    ripping grf's :D

  8. icabit

    i want to learn how to decrypt grf :(

  9. icabit

    Bored man :3

  10. icabit

    Bored man :3